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If you are already using Baserow, you certainly want to connect it to ncScale.
We will guide you to make sure that everything is configured and ready to go!

Click here to see what you're able to do with Baserow on ncScale:
  • Use our Assets-catalog feature to monitor database's tables.
  • Use our Log-management feature to centralise your Baserow logs with the rest of you entire stack logs. (only available if your using Baserow Enterprise plan)
  • Use our Alerting feature to be alerted whenever you decide to. (only available if your using Baserow Enterprise plan)

First, you'll need to go on your Baserow.
You'll need to provide 2 information to ncScale:

  • Your Baserow account credentials (email and password)
  • Your Baserow API domain

To get these information, go to Baserow and connect yourself. Then click on "API documentation"


Then click on any database.


And then you have your Baserow API domain. Copy it.


Then, on the ncScale side, you'll have to create your tool. To do that, press "CMD + K" (or CTRL + K on Windows) and click on "Add new tool".


Then, select on the list "Baserow". A little modal will appear on your screen. Fill the form with :

  • The name you want to give to your Baserow tool (1)
  • Your Baserow email credential (2)
  • Your Baserow password credential (3)
  • Your Baserow API domain (4)

And then you can choose the features you want to activate among those available for Baserow (5). Finally, you can click on the "Create tool" button (6) to complete your Baserow tool creation.


And now, your Baserow tool is completely connected and ready to go!