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Be alerted on Slack

If you're using Slack in your work environment, you certainly want to use it on ncScale as well!
We'll show you how you can easily do it.

First step, go to your ncScale application settings (1), then go on the "Slack connections" tab (2), and click on "Connect new Slack channel" (3)

add_slack_channel 1

Then, you will be able to select the channel you wish to connect to ncScale. Once you have chosen a channel, click the "allow" button.

add_slack_channel selection

And now your Slack channel is connected to ncScale!
All we have to do now is to Create an alert, and use your Slack channel.
When you'll be setting up your Notifications methods, you will need to add your Slack channel by clicking on "Add new channel" (1), and then selecting your Slack.
All you have to do now, if you the need to, is to edit the "custom output" of your alert (2).

add_slack_channel alert_setup

And it's done! Now you'll be alerted on Slack whenever it's needed!