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Our solution makes it easy to gather logs from any source all in one spot.
This helps you quickly figure out issues, understand what's happening, analyze metrics, without getting lost in complicated details.


See our integration page for more information on how to integrate your logs with our solution.
If the tool you are using is not listed, or want to push logs directly from your code solution, you can always use our API to send your logs.

Ingestion Flow



If we detect that a log is related to one of your asset, we will automatically enrich it with the asset information, such as the owner, priority, tags.

If you want to know more about the matching rules, you can refer to the API documentation.

Important information

Whenever you reach the log limit of your plan, new logs won't be ingested anymore.
New logs will automatically start to be ingested again at the beginning of the next month, or when your logs gets automatically deleted by your plan's retention policy.

Whenever your usage reaches 90% of your plan's limit, we will send you an email to warn you.

You can also check your usage at any time in your application's settings.