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On ncScale, you are able to add more information to your assets. We do call those information "Metadata".
They can be used to document your assets even more


You're able to assign any member of your ncScale application on any assets, so you can use this metadata to filter while searching through your asset catalog.

Assets ownership


Feeling the need to mark something as "really important" ? on ncScale, you can!
You can set a priority on any assets of your catalog and filter it so you can decide which part of your no-code stack really matters.

Assets priority


Tags are a powerful way to categorize your assets. You can add as many tags as you want to an asset, and you can also add tags to several assets at once using the bulk actions menu.
To manage your tags, you can access the modal either through the filter dropdown or directly from the asset drawer.

Assets Tags

Within this modal, you have the ability to view all the tags you've created, search for tags by name, edit existing tags, create new ones, and delete tags as well.

Assets Catalog Manage Tags

Create and edit a tag

To create a tag, just click on the "+" button and enter the desired name for the tag.
You can link a parent tag to your tag. This allows you to group them for better understanding. Please note that it is only possible to have two levels of depth; a tag already having a parent will not be suggested in the list of potential parents. Tags with a parent will be represented as follows: "Parent Tag Name > Child Tag Name". (See: refer to the screenshot above)
Finally, you can assign a color to your tag for added clarity. Colors are defined using a HEX color code. If the provided color is not a valid HEX color code, the assigned color will default to the standard ncScale blue color (#4970F0).

Assets Catalog Create Tag

Delete a tag

Upon deleting a tag with children, the children will not be removed; they will simply lose their parent.

HTTP Method

For automations assets that is triggered by an HTTP call, we detect the method used and refer it on the asset information.

Assets HTTP_Method


You can document your assets directly on ncScale so you can quickly get the purpose or any vital information you want to keep easily accessible.

Assets readme