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If you work with other people on your stack, you might not want to share your ncScale credentials, or have them create a new ncScale application all over again and redo the exact configuration steps you went through.
Have no fear, we got you covered, you’ll be able, in a few clics, to allow access to the people you want, giving them a "Collaborator" role on your ncScale application.

First, you'll have to invite them. To do so, press "CMD + K" (or "CTRL + K" for Windows users) and select "Add new collaborator".


Then, all you have to do is to fill the email field with your colleague's email, and grant him a role.
To help you get a better understanding of the different roles hierarchy, here is a quick recap of each role's permissions.:

Manage application settings
Manage application tools
Change application billing
Manage application collaborators
Manage application slack conexion
Delete application
Can use FullTextsearch
Can synchronize stack assets
Can see assets details / documentation / dependencies
Can update assets documentation / dependencies
Can view logs and use existing views
Can create and delete views
Can view alerts setup and logs matching those alerts
Can create, edit or delete an alert
Can view the application Developer Portal
Can add or delete an application API key

On your colleague side, all he have to do is to use the link in the invitation he'll receive in his mailbox.


If your colleague already have a ncScale account, et can also accept the invitation directly in the "Invitations" tab in his Profile.