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On ncScale, you can easily access everything, from anywhere!
All you have to do is to press CMD + K (or CTRL + K if you're using Windows).


A search bar will appear, and you'll be able to type and select the action you want to do.
Here is a quick list of what you can do using the CMD + K feature:

  • Anything you want to search using the Full Text Search feature
  • Add new application
  • Add new collaborator
  • Add new tool
  • Add new XXX, replace XXX with the name of the tool (Xano, Zapier, ...)
  • Synchronize stack
  • Manage collaborators
  • Edit XXX, replace XXX with your tool name
  • Get assets from : XXX, replace XXX with your tool name OR a ncScale tag OR ncScale user email
  • Open asset : XXX, replace XXX with you asset name
  • Manage tags
  • Go to logs
  • Go to Alert
  • Manage obfuscation
  • Open view : XXX, replace XXX with your log view name
  • Open alert : XXX, replace XXX with your alert name